Blackville Media offers consultancy services in the following areas;

  • Press Conference

We organize Press Conference(s) for our clients with choice local and foreign media outfits (Newspapers, Magazines, Television and Radio stations).

We, on behalf of our clients, draft press releases, articles as well as responses to all media-related issues.

It is also our responsibility to guide our clients' spokesperson(s) on how to address press, respond to questions or comment on a wide range of issues.

  • Public Relations

The corporate image of our client(s) is paramount to us; as such we assist in building and maintaining clients' reputation.

  • Speech Development

We assist our clients in sourcing and collating materials relevant to speech writing, formal presentations as well as print and online publications.

  • PR Officers

On request from our clients, we attach professional spokesperson(s) to serve as Public Relations Officers, Special Advisers/Assistants on media and Publicity.


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